About W.I.L.

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Wealth International, Limited has been in business providing affordable solutions for financial planning and asset protection since 2000. W.I.L.’s intention and purpose is to supply financial services which are effective and affordable – including for those with limited resources – and in so doing to set worthy standards for legal soundness, integrity, efficiency, security, and privacy.

We believe the general welfare is best served by a free society where people can manage their own assets without compulsion in order to fulfill their life’s priorities and mission. We encourage clients to use the fruits of their success for the good of others in their own communities and elsewhere. With rights come responsibilities. The alternative is an unfree society in which wealth is forcibly redistributed for the benefit of those with access to the levers of coercion.

This site, accordingly, stresses education and support for all levels of participation. It embodies the collective wisdom our key people have derived from 60 aggregate years of offshore experience and 75 years of business experience.


Low Cost Solutions

From our administrative offices in San José, Costa Rica, W.I.L. offers both global and domestic solutions for financial planning and asset protection, with prices starting as low as US$500. Services equivalent in name, but not in value to the individual, are routinely marketed by our competitors for four and five times the prices offered by our service providers. Our line of products and services emphasize the legal rigor and follow-up servicing so typically lacking in the international financial services market.

We welcome your comments and invite you to participate in the W.I.L. way.

Information on the means to contact us is on this page.