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The W.I.L. CryptoTrust


Wealth International, Limited’s approach to using international trusts for asset protection and other purposes is comprehensively described in our publication Introduction to International Asset Protection (IIAP). The W.I.L. Enhanced CryptoTrust utilizes that legal structure, while requiring that all transactions between the trust and the outside world – incoming and outgoing – be conducted in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and litecoins. (For more information on these alternative currencies go to the W.I.L. Resource Directory and click on the “Alternative Digital Currencies” link.) A key element of the agreement is that the client is not a named party to the trust contract itself – the typical named parties to a trust being creator/grantor, trustee, beneficiary, and (optionally) protector. Rather, the client interacts with the trust via secondary contracts such as loans and advisory agreements.

Our reasoning pertaining to the benefits of this arrangement are explained in IIAP. Moreover, if the client resides in a jurisdiction that has a legal system based on other than English Common Law, which may thus deem the trustee to be the actual owner of the trust assets rather than fiduciary on behalf of the beneficiary, we believe the arrangement still retains many asset protection and privacy benefits.

The power a W.I.L. trust has to achieve its asset protection and other purposes depends critically on rigorous adherence to the paperwork and other substantive indications consistent with the form of the trust agreement. If such procedures are not followed the danger is that in the event of a legal controversy a judgement might be rendered that the substance of the agreement is other than what has been formally represented, jeopardizing the benefits of the setup – for the original party and for all WIL clients if a legal judgement that can be broadly construed to apply to other parties is rendered in the process.

The W.I.L. CryptoTrust is not available to U.S. citizens or residents.

Cost of a W.I.L. CryptoTrust:
Initial setup cost: 0.15 bitcoins
Trustee management fee: 0.4% of assets, payable quarterly (1.6% of assets annualized)

W.I.L. CryptoTrust Application Form

Please fill in the (* required) client information below and then submit the form. You will be offered two chances to check your information, after which you will have the option to electronically send your client application to W.I.L. in addition to the required mailing of a printed copy.
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The clients sole involvement and interaction with a specific previously established W.I.L. Trust is through whatever contractual arrangements he or she establishes with the Trustee of said trust (See contracts article for some examples) and as an advisor to the Trustee of said trust. The client further understands that he or she is not the Settlor, the Protector, the Trustee, or a Beneficiary of a W.I.L. trust, and that no agent is forming a W.I.L. Trust on behalf of the client.

The Client further understands that the trustee will only receive payments to the trust and send payments from the trust via cryptocurrencies. Client warrants and agrees that all funds or assets to be transferred to a W.I.L. Trust at any time and for any reason shall be clean funds or assets, of non-criminal origin, and that such funds are not being moved into a W.I.L. Trust in order to evade a judgment from past, current, or imminent judicial proceedings.

Clients Signature:    (will be required on final copy)

Cost: 5.4 bitcoins or the equivalent in litecoins or darkcoins.

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