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Benefits of Internationalizing Your Portfolio and Your Life

• Because you still can. There is a reason governments are making it unremittingly more difficult to move your financial affairs out of their view and from under their control. (Hint: It has very little to do with the nominal reasons given – fairness, anti-terrorism, and all that.) This century their prevent-capital-from-moving-abroad efforts have intensified to a fever pitch. With reporting requirements, taxes and penalties all so high, are capital movement restrictions and outright prohibition close behind? History says yes.
• To help mitigate the impact of economic turmoil in your home country. The arrival of economic tumult – such as a depression or hyperinflation – inevitably heralds drops in (real) domestic asset values and restrictions on one’s ability to invest abroad. Economic turmoil is already here, but we predict the worst is yet to come. You already understand the wisdom of diversifying your investments. Diversify your assets’ jurisdictions too. There is still time.
• To move assets out of reach of governments and arbitrary legal systems. Your assets can easily be confiscated with no warning and without due process. Defending yourself in a nominally legitimate legal controversy can be inordinately costly measured in time and money. If your assets are out of immediate reach you at least have time to act, and often it will save you from getting dragged into formal proceedings in the first place.
• To protect what is left of your disappearing privacy. Real-time physical and financial surveillance 7 days a week/24 hours a day is today’s operating standard. Moving some of your affairs outside of this system avails you of one of the few barriers still remaining against your financial life being an open book.
• It broadens your perspective. The world’s evolution is towards contantly greater interconnection. It is as easy to communicate with someone on the other side of the world as in the next town. Investors look overseas for higher returns whenever the pickings are slim close to home. Actually locating your financial affairs overseas is your next step in the process.

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