W.I.L. Educational Reports

Below are brief summaries and links to all of the background education pieces we have released to date.

Asset Protection Reports
Introduction to International Asset Protection A comprehensive introduction to basic considerations in deciding whether to incorporate offshore stuctures into your financial planning, and the tools at one’s disposal once one decides to move offshore. Liberty $10 gold coin
Interacting with Offshore Entities via Private Contracts A trust is a contract. This appendix to appendix to Introduction to International Asset Protection reflects years of researching and applying offshore and asset protection strategies. It will shed light on what is perhaps the most advantageous, yet least understood and most overlooked aspect of financial structuring and business planning – the effective use of contracts.
Characteristics of an Effective Asset Protection Plan: Important Details Desirable attributes of an effective asset protection plan may be clear-cut in theory, but applying and implementing those principles in the real world can be tricky. This appendix to Introduction to International Asset Protection covers some important details on that subject, and also explains how W.I.L.’s modus operandi addresses those issues.
To IBC or not to IBC? IBCs (International Business Companies) have important, frequently overlooked tax considerations. It is in your interest to inform yourself of them before deciding whether the structure is a good fit in your offshore planning.
LLCs for U.S. Domestic Asset Protection Sometimes staying home is a simpler and cheaper, but equally effective for practical purposes, approach to the protection of certain assets. This Introduction to International Asset Protection appendix amplifies on earlier treatments of U.S. Limited Liability Companies, and how they might be used to protect assets such as real estate, where there is no possibility of actually moving them offshore.
Privacy and Technical Reports
Secure Email Communication with PGP “Pretty Good Privacy” is a software program that can be used to assure that your email communications can only be read by the addressee. The mechanics of using the program may sound daunting, but the essential functions can be executed fairly easily. This article provides a quick and easy introduction to using PGP. Seeing Eye
A Few Modest Software Suggestions Basic information on alternative solutions to the Microsoft software typically installed by default on PCs, which has proven itself to be very susceptible security risks. Microsoft’s heavy-handed use of government to maintain their market position demonstrates a lack of ethical grounding. Moreover, the company has consistently demonstrated that quality becomes a priority only when competition forces their hand.