Services Offered

Evaluation and Consultation Services Because everyone’s situation is different, personal consultation is recommended for all clients. Consultation can take place either via voice (preferably Skype or another internet-based protocol), or via encrypted e-mail for maximum privacy. Personal consultations cost $150 per hour, and a minimum of one hour’s consultation time must be prepaid. Documents required prior to consultation. Process starts here.

Presently we are offering a promotion that allows consulting clients that opt to establish structures or engage W.I.L. for additional services to apply 50% of consulting fees paid against the cost of purchased products and services.
Relocation, Residency,
Strategic Citizenship Services
In today’s post-economic meltdown world, protectionism is on the rise and asset predators of all colors are increasingly able to devise ways to separate you from your hard-earned nest-egg. The most powerful (as well as mind-opening and freeing) asset protection tool is personal mobility – the ability to relocate to greener pastures without strings. Setting up safe-haven residency in a country that treats you legally in a more ideal way than your country of birth or current legal residence can be of great value. Sometimes this can be combined with alternative citizenship to further maximize the benefits.

There are a variety of ways to legally obtain residency and/or citizenship in many countries. The ideal path is highly dependent on one’s current situation and goals, so a private consultation is essential in order to determine an advisable course of action.
W.I.L. CryptoTrust BitcoinAn international trust structured as described within our publication Introduction to International Asset Protection, with the added restriction that all incoming and outgoing transactions between the trust and the outside world are conducted only in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. The client is not a named party to the trust contract itself, such as creator/grantor, trustee, or beneficiary. The client’s interaction with the trust is conducted via secondary contracts such as loans and advisory agreements.

The W.I.L. CryptoTrust is not available to U.S. citizens or residents.
International Business Companies and Corporations
Structure Prices (click on structure name to order)
Panama Corporation $2000 Costa Rica Corporation $1500
Belize IBC $1500 Marshall Islands Business Corporation $1850
Vanuatu IBC $1700
Marshall Island LLCs LLCs can offer additional asset protection benefits over traditional corporate setups due to “charging order” protections (more information here). Additionally, LLCs formed in the Marshall Islands offer “series” divisions within the LLC which allow assets/activities that are accounted for separately within the same company to have segregated liabilities. Setup cost is $1850; order process starts here.
Panama Private Family Foundations Private Family Foundations are ideally suited for holding assets passively. They are properly utilized as an estate planning vehicle and not for running an operational business. Panama’s rules for Foundations are very strictly enforced – assets transferred properly and legally to a Foundation cannot be recalled or attached by creditors or claimants against the Settlor. Setup cost is $2000; order process starts here.
Migration of Gambia Companies Many people have set up companies in the Gambia Enterprise Zone, due to the low cost of doing so, as well as the iCommerceRegistry’s novel and innovative system that they have put in place to offer instant digital authentication of their documents online. In practice not all is quite as advertized. We can provide assistance with migrating your Gambia company to a better recognized jurisdiction that will make your operations more workable. More information here.
Access to On-line Brokerage stock certificate Real-time access to stock exchanges (e.g., NYSE, AMEX, NADAQ, LSE, etc.), OTC forex markets, and commodity/futures markets throughout the world. Managed accounts are available.
International Mailing Address Globalize and privatize your personal and business correspondence.
Optional Access to Private and Safe Investment Funds For citizens and/or residents of some countries, internationalizing personal and business affairs may provide access to above-average yield CDs, foreign mutual or hedge funds, and self-directed brokerage accounts that would otherwise not be available to them.
Precious Metals Purchase and Bonded Storage St. Gaudens $20 gold coin
In this day and age it is wise for any financial plan to include physical ownership of gold and other precious metals as a hedge against global economic instability. Storage should be in a safe location, accessible when truly needed.
Secure Document Storage Facility House confidential documents, including corporation papers, confidential agreements, deeds, titles, shares, second passports, etc. in a secure environment – outside your country of residence. W.I.L.