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If your goal is to learn how to insulate your assets from harm, you are starting in the right place. Where there’s W.I.L., there’s a way.

Four Reasons Why Wealth International, Limited Is Your Superior Choice for Asset Protection and Offshore Financial Services

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(1) W.I.L. provides access to cutting-edge asset protection, international estate planning, international tax planning and business structuring advice, seasoned by decades of collective experience, and ongoing consultation.

(2) W.I.L. provides access to a medley of useful and cost-efficient offshore products and services, including IBCs, Private Family Foundations, International and Domestic LLCs, Trusts, Funds Transfers, Debit Card Access, On-line Brokerage Access, and more.

(3) You will receive clearly formulated instruction on how to conduct your affairs and appropriately set up and interact with offshore structures so as to avoid the problematic legal situations that clients of more haphazard service providers often face.

(4) You can get started now for less than US$500 – as compared with our competitors prices, which are often in the multiple thousands of dollars for a less comprehensive product.

Dear Prospective Client:

St. Gaudens $20 Gold Piece Reverse Have you ever purchased a household item or tool, perhaps one whose very existence was previously unknown to you, which you subsequently found so useful that it became quite indispensible? Perhaps you looked back and wondered how you ever lived without that item or tool, and thought to yourself, That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

We believe that after you become a customer of W.I.L., you are going to feel exactly the same way.

Wealth International is atypical among international asset protection companies. Customers of these other companies are often provided with an offshore trust, IBC, or Private Family Foundation and then left to fend for themselves in navigating through complex – and dangerous to their financial health, if done improperly – business, tax, and estate-planning issues. They may be left wondering if getting involved in the offshore arena was not a dreadful mistake, whether they should have just stayed home and minded their business. Yet when our clients decide to take that step and diversify their financial interests internationally, they can enthusiastically look back and know that stepping into international waters was one of their best decisions ever.

W.I.L.s unique system of full service support combined with cutting edge contractual interaction with the offshore entities will make this relationship as indispensible to you as that household item or tool that you can no longer live without.

W.I.L. Join our clientele right away so you can experience the amazing ways that our service can enhance your financial and business planning.

Costa Rica Best Wishes!

The W.I.L. Staff

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